The Benefits of Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Sun Prairie

There are many benefits, to training in our Fitness Kickboxing Program. We have listed 5 of the most popular reasons, people join our program and train in our classes, on this page. Some important questions to ask yourself about training in our program are: How will I benefit from these classes? Which of the benefits is most important for me to achieve, or is it a combination of all of them? How will I look and feel about myself, if I achieve these goals? Everyone is different. Many want to lose weight and improve their fitness level and self esteem. Some are looking something new and exciting to do and are bored with the health club scene. Many are looking to release and deal with stress and others want to do something fun and meet new friends. Give our classes a try, you will be glad you did. It's LOTS OF FUN!


Our Fitness Kickboxing Program Classes are lots of FUN and designed to be one of the highlights of your day! We want you to enjoy your workouts and have fun while training. Classes are safe, fun, beneficial, motivating and a great way to get into shape.


Fitness Kickboxing Classes are a great way to release stress, after a tough day. It is easy to let stress get the best of you and we are here to help. Being able to take our your stress and frustrations on the targets and bags, with help you blow off steam and anger, in a positive way. It is a great feeling to get rid of the stress and enjoy yourself while training.


Fitness Kickboxing Classes are a great way to lose weight and have a lot of fun, all at the same time. Classes are an incredible physical fitness workout and burns approximately 750 calories per hour. Our total body workout is an excellent way to get fit, tone muscles, improve your flexibility and lose weight. Proper nutritional habits will also be emphasized to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Our relaxed, happy atmosphere, combined with our safe, fun and inspiring classes, make Warrior's Gym, a great place to meet new friends and enjoy yourself. Invite your friends to try our program. Classes will be even more fun,when you out with, the people you already get along great!


Warriors Gym is a happy, fun and positive place, to train and get into great shape. Our classes will boost your energy level, increase your flexibility, fitness, strength and positive self image. Consistent exercise also helps build your self esteem by improving how your look and feel about yourself.




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