Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Sun Prairie will focus on 5 main areas of training

Welcome to our Sun Prairie Fitness Kickboxing Program. Our program is a great way to get fit, stay fit and have a lot of fun, all at the same time. Classes are safe, fun and beneficial. Our classes will give you a great workout, help you lose weight and develop a positive self image and attitude. You will be punching, kicking and striking targets in every class and it is a great way to release stress, after a tough day. This is a total body workout, to help to improve your flexibility, overall fitness level, strength and stamina. We emphasize consistent attendance and exercise and proper nutrition, to help meet your fitness goals. This program does not have the formality of Martial arts classes and is focused on getting you into shape, toning muscles, losing weight, improving your flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and overall level of fitness. Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes will focus on 5 different areas of training.

Flexibility Training​

Flexibility training is among the important types of fitness because it it the foundation for all other exercise types. Our Fitness kickboxing classes include stretching exercise in every class. Classes will improve your level of flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, increase your range of motion and serve as a solid warm up for more vigorous exercise.

Kickboxing Training

You will learn the basics of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai Boxing and incorporate those techniques, into an incredible fitness workout. You will be using your hands, elbows, feet and knees to shadow box, strike targets and bags, to get into great shape and improve your overall level of fitness. It's also lots of FUN!

Fitness Training

We incorporate different types of Fitness Training, in our classes. Fitness training strengthens your cardiovascular system by increasing your heart rate and breathing. These exercises use large muscle groups to perform fitness movements over a period of time. Examples of fitness exercises used in class are walking, jogging, running, shadow boxing and target and bag training. We also do Circuit/Station Fitness Training in class. It's a great workout!


Strength Training

We use a wide variety of Strength Training, in our classes. These types of exercises strengthen and tone your muscles over a full range of motion. Examples of different Strength Training used in our classes are calisthenics, Pilates, kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells. We also do Circuit/Station Strength Training in class. This will get you into great shape!

Self Defense Training

The majority of people take our Fitness Kickboxing classes for the fitness workout. An added benefit to our classes, is learning the Self Defense application of the Fitness Kickboxing techniques, taught in class. Having a basic understanding of how to protect yourself, will also improve your confidence.




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